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About Company 

Monroe Pedagogy, L.L.C. was initiated on March 19th, 2020, and established on May 15th, 2020. Monroe Pedagogy is currently solely owned and operated by Black LGBTQ+, Androgynous, and DeafBlind Educator, Victorica Monroe. The Company is an online consulting firm that emphasized acknowledging and dialoguing oppression and power and promoting critical consciousness for Deaf Education of all entities and levels through hybrid, fully online, or in-person. 



Monroe Pedagogy is provided and guided with the Company's lens to create unified collaborations through American Sign Language (ASL) and English to decolonize and broach oppression and power, and challenge and promote critical consciousness through the Company's critical principles:


Collecting oppression and power through dialoguing is to create critical consciousness. 


Analyzing dialogues is to examine oppression and power for critical results. 



Presenting and addressing oppression and power is to summarize results. 



Making recommendations is for action steps to address oppression and power. 



Following up is to follow through with recommendations. 



Working alongside educators, deaf educational professionals, and stakeholders from inside and outside the Deaf Education system addresses oppression and power and promotes critical through a decolonization experience. 


Monroe Pedagogy has fondly believed unfiltered dialogues lead to a healthy climate and has taken countless stances in solidarity to respond to injustice.  


  • Monroe Pedagogy is committed to dealing with new changes in society and the best quality of delivering solutions. 

  • Monroe Pedagogy is committed to documenting and preserving all marginalized deaf narratives by writing a blog, vlog, and other documented capabilities.

  • Monroe's Pedagogy is supported to create with actions of responsiveness against injustice. 

  • Monroe Pedagogy is advanced for any latest updates in a progressive sociopolitical world. 

  • Monroe Pedagogy is embedded with making adaptive how sociopolitics affects Deaf Education. 


Deaf Educaiton for Justice

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