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Best Resources for Finding Diverse Books Designs for Children and Teens

Greeting from Monroe Pedagogy!

"Each one deserves experiencing authenticity and positively self-fulfilling through adequately and appropriately representation in children’s book to realize who they proudly are." -Victorica Monroe

Using they are interchanged for gender-specific.

ID: A picture on the left side shows a child reading a book outside. A park bench is covered with green. The child wears a bright shirt with black pant sitting.


Some of you know that I am currently a Ph.D. student. Regardless, I have been juggling between doctoral work and being the CEO of Monroe Pedagogy. The journey I take on is challenging but fun so far.

Anyway, I would like to share the links that strongly useful for teachers and college professors (those who teach children’s literature course) to find diverse books.

Here is the links below:

Please note that most of the links are not included in American Sign Language and English approach.

Please let us know your thoughts!

-Victorica Monroe

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