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The First Black Deaf Woman Selected as the Superintendent of the Learning Center of the Deaf (TLC)

[A source image from the Learning Center of the Deaf on YouTube]

[ID: Supt. Matthews has long braids. Her long braids passes her shoulders in a light tan cardigan with a white shirt. On the below of the left corner with white fonts- “Glennis Matthews, TLC Superintendent. A white background is behind of her standing]

Over 200 years since the birth of Deaf Education, a histotic waiting is over since Glennis Matthew has broken the cycle by taking a pinnacled role as the first Black Deaf Women superintendent of the Learning Center for the Deaf (TLC). She is also the first Black Deaf Women superintendent of the entire Deaf Education programs in the U.S. Additionally, she is the first HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) graduate to serve as a superintendent of a deaf school. Her official superintendency finally abolishes the zero representation of the Black Deaf woman. Countless impressive accomplishments of Supt. Matthew changing the perspective of the typical quote for her beloved students is nodded with agreement.

"Deaf did”- Supt. Glennis Matthews, 2021

Through the Daily Moth interview, Supt. Glennis Matthews quotea her dear students, "you can" supporting the typical quote, "deaf can" to focus themselves is entirely agreeable. Supt. Matthews comments to her dear students with the quote, "deaf did," is to interpret the meaning of the symbol of success.

Supt. Glennis Matthew's powerful quote "deaf did" changes the perspective from the typical quote, "deaf can" for her dear students affirming, supporting and encouraging is clearly evident. Additionally, the quote "deaf can" could easily divert from understanding a self-identity first; therefore, Supt. Matthews makes a point of the quote , "deaf can" is understanding and correct. With the last say, Supt. Matthew overcomes barriers and leaves her plentiful marks in the U.S. with impressive accomplishments. Nevertheless, her powerful quotation is perfectly making sense!

Please take a time to view the video regarding the announcement of selecting a superintendent of TLC.

Congratulations, Supt. Glennis Matthews!

Written by Victorica Monroe

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