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A Homage for Mr. George Floyd

Content Notification: Brief details of George Floyd’s death.

Today is Mr. George Floyd’s life anniversary, his horrific death has sent a shocking wave across the Nation and the World. Summer 2020 during a pandemic truly was emotional days for people especially the Black and Brown communities. On this day, I still have remembered that I emotionally and uncontrollably reacted when I watched him to call for his deceased mama multiple times in a restricted position while laying with his distressing face on a concrete. When he was called for his mama, at a moment I knew that he knew his lifeless vitals were nearly stopped painfully. Before he made his newly entrance in post life, Floyd’s neck was pressed with the knee cap by white supremacist that clearly was the murderous act. His death would be preventable if a white supremacist rolled him over for a much necessary and unrestricted breathing. It is called humanity. Humanity is greater than hatred. His final breathing is one of many reasons why I have committed to justice by working through the Monroe Pedagogy company.

Please take a moment of silence and slowly think for 9 minutes and 29 seconds...............

ID: A peson holds the poster of the picture of George Floyd with several marchers who hold the various posters

Image Source: NBC News

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