Webinar: Real, Raw & Truths

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For RID CEUs, please email to Kristal: kristalhaynes@hotmail.com

ASL to English Interpreting will be Provided

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On the top of the flyer: In a yellow logo and texts of Monroe Pedagogy presents Real, Raw & Truths. The webinar will have an open dialogue about the Curren trends including antiracism and interpreting in Deaf Education.

On the middle of the flyer: A picture of Dr. Laurene Simms on the left side. A picture of Victorica Monroe on the right side. Dr. Simms wears a red blouse. Victorica wears a black bowtie with a black suspender standing up. The names of the both pictures are in the yellow texts. March 11th, 2021. 7-8:30 pm EST Registration: $40 MonroePedagogy.com/posts/categories/pd.

On the last of the flyer: 0.5 RID CEus available in the PPO content area through the PiNRA process. For a Pinra form please contact kristalhaynes@hotmail.com. For all accommodations request please email consultant@monroepedagogy.com


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