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Article Submission

Critical Chats magazine provides critical multiperspective topics, specifically P-12 and higher education in Deaf Education.


The magazine is designed for everyone who is interested in Deaf Education to normalize the synthesis of critical chats addressing justice in Deaf education.

The publication of Critical Chats is interested in receiving submissions on a variety of topics within social change (issues) in Deaf Education, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Emotional, spiritual, or physical well-being

  • Motivational and inspirational pieces

  • Personal experiences and true stories.

  • Any Advice 

  • Educational policies  & reforms

  • Any relevant topics

As long as please ensure your chosen topic involving discusses social change (issue). 


The editorial voice of submitted works should be conversational tone.  Where appropriate, please feel free to put as much of your personality, personal values, and thoughts on social change (issues) of Deaf Education into an article as possible. This is your article, from your point of view, so give people a taste of who you are, how you are feeling, and what you think.

Pay rate is discussed on an individual basis and determined by the type of article submitted as well as the relevant experience.



  • Familiarity with Deaf Education 

  • Work professionally in Deaf Education (e.g., K-12 educator, faculty, school counselor, school administrator, mentor, preservice students, etc) 

  • Caregivers of a Deaf child or children  

  • Submit an article and story pitches (an idea for an article) via the article submission button

  • Submissions are between 600 to 2,000 words

  • Please ensure to review your materials, please make sure you submit final drafts of your work (Editing is rare)

Upload File

Thanks for submitting!​ The company of Monroe Pedagogy does its best to respond to all inquiries, but be aware that the company is sometimes inundated. If your writing sample(s) meets our requirements, you will be contacted. Please allow at least 21 days for a response. If you have not heard back from the company within this period, please assume that the company will not be able to use your idea or submission at this time.

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